Suzanne Banay Santo

In my view, the role of the artist is best served when it uplifts and transforms both the artist herself and those with whom she comes into contact.

I feel that the most satisfying experiences of creativity involve inclusivity rather than a clearly marked separation between the performers and the audience.

I sense that our inclination to portray the 'suffering artist' as separate from those pedestrian individuals who merely go about their mundane pursuits draws life force away from the culture as a whole.

All beings suffer, and all beings are able to experience joy. Art is a way in which we can experience the joy of movement, of sound, and of being together in creative community. 

Our work in The Migration Project is a continuing exploration of how to create joy in those who participate, not by denying suffering, but by lifting these experiences out of isolation and transforming them into a performance that can be shared in a spirit of learning together about the process of life. 

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