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感覚は魂の言葉, by Yumi Onose

Posted by Yumi Onose on Monday, November 22, 2010,

Feeling is the Language of the Soul, by Yumi Onose

Feeling is language of soul.

Feeling never lie.

Be simple.

Taste the feeling inside your body.

Let any emotions go.

Enjoy communion.

Enjoy connection.

Enjoy compassion.

We are naturally exchanging energy each other.

Sharing this beautiful moment.

We recognize who we are.

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Gypsy Dance Migration, by Yvonne Bloom

Posted by Yvonne Bloom on Saturday, November 20, 2010,

The documented history of Raks Sharki is very sketchy, but I have gleaned this information from many years of interest and study in this area. Each recount of the story is personally coloured by nuances, flavours and colours which are lost through the written word. That being said, may I patch together the bits and pieces I have learned over the years, and offer you a picture...

Oriental Dance, Raks Sharki, Belly Dance

These movements were borne out of an ancient time when women honoured their ...

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Enlightened Aging, by Franci Williams

Posted by Franci Williams on Monday, November 15, 2010,

Rarely do we see images of an enlighted concept of aging. In fact, the two prevailing models of aging are firstly, one of disease, frailty, uselessness and dependence; and secondly, one of older people that act and look young--called 'successful aging'. Both are extremes and both are stereotypes.

Thomas Cole points out in The Journey of Life that the 'successful aging' model gives priority to physical health as the plan to salvation, but leaves out the spiritual dimension. He says that modern...

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