Iam calling this talk 'the moment'! The moment for you and for me when the journey, the migratory story began.

To begin our project story or narrative we thought we would start with our personal moments of revelation, of recognition, of awe.

There have been many in all our lives. What I want you to think about now is just one heart-rending, heart-wrenching, or soul-stirring experience that caused or inspired a shift within you in consciousness, or a move away --a migration, a journey.

Mythology tells us repeatedly stories about cyclical destruction and creation; and death and rebirth.

Usually for a journey to begin there must be a pivotal moment, an epiphany, a moment of self-realization, or a dark night of the soul, resulting in the unconscious and conscious need to grow, to change, and to transform.

In short, the evolutionary impulse embodied in soul-infused work shifts us to a new and higher plane of awareness, a new order of relatedness, a new level of consciousness, a deeper and higher perspecive that is always unimaginable until the moment it explodes into existence.

Sigmund Freud believed that the seeming irrationality of myth arises from the same source as the disconnectedness of dream; they are both symbolic reflections of unconscious and repressed fears and anxieties. Such fears and anxieties may be both universal aspects of the human condition as well as part and parcel of the creative impulse -- the dark and the light.

Being caught between the old way of life and the new possibilities, your sense of alienation will intensify and then the transition point is reached and the shift in consciousness occurs.

It is useful to be reminded that the Greeks and Romans incorporated aspects of their ethical codes in their myths. In a sense, these stories are manuals of morality, providing models for correct conduct with examples of which behaviors are rewarded and which are punished.

The Hero's quest is another example -- a hero is faced with horrific challenges and he or she accomplishes heroism despite the circumstances.

Beauty, Love, and Art are all features of mythology and religious tales.

The Dark Night of the Soul offers through struggle another response to redemption -- Through an individual's initiatory time in the underworld of soul, she uncovers a dream, a vision, or a revelation that will inspire, guide, and drive the action toward release and liberation or at least resolution until the next deep challenge arises.

"Suffering, sadness flies on the wings of the morning and out of the heart of darkness comes the light." -Jean Giraudoux