Made up of a core group of 7 women from diverse continents and cultures, we are currently involved in a pilot project, whch will perform on March 20, 2011 at 7:30pm at Miles Nadal JCC (750 Spadina at Bloor, Toronto) in room 318. This performance has been built from our improvisation and has the motivation of bringing benefit to others.

We are using the stories of our own migrations, geographic, emotional, and spiritual, as source material for the improvisations through which the showing has been built up.

Yael Reshef, who founded the project, is a vocalist particularly interested in working with new immigrants from Africa, women who will benefit from an orientation to Canadian culture. Franci Williams is a gerontologist, certified 'Aging to Saging' practitioner, and sound therapist. I am involved with the work of Hospice Toronto and am interested in supporting those involved in grieving, or facing life-threatening illness, to express themselves through creating a performance using their own voices and movements.

We are using a thematic basis of 'awakening moment' (identifying the point at which an individual realized that something had to change), and then moving through the universal cycle of loss, transformation, and renewal. Bringing in the elements of spoken word, vocalization, and simple movement, we are crafting a performance that wll last under an hour. The process involves taking their building blocks of improvisation and organizing them into something that has a repeatable structure.

The other element is audience involvement, and we visualize the performances as intimate and suppotive co-creations between the identified players and the members of the audience, who will be able to participate to some degree in their own way.

The inclusive nature of the format is open enough that those participating can experiment with language, their voices, and physical movement without the necessity for prior artistic training. The intentions of this work is to evoke creative responses to challenges and create conditions in which friendship and problem-solving can flourish. While not a 'therapy group' per se, we most certainly feel that the work benefits the participant's sense of well-being, and so in a widening-ripple effect also benefits the community to which the women belong.

We welcome communication from those who are interested in partnering with us. Please direct correspondence to: