Adelheid Toogood

'Lebenskuenstler!  This is a German word and in a direct translation it means ‘Life artiste’, or ‘An artist of Life’…meaning someone who is as creative and resourceful as an artiste in the way they are living their life, the dark stretches as well as the light ones. This word describes perfectly the way I view myself.

Music is the most important source of joy and energy and food for my soul, followed closely by movement and dance.  I grew up with music being a substantial part of our family life and have been able to take this precious gift as a wonderful companion with me wherever I lived and under any circumstances.

Yet the path I took to create a financial base for my life was through photography.  Trained in Switzerland as a commercial photographer, I branched out into portraiture.  As I moved to South Africa, I found my love and passion in working in Bio-medical photography, which remained my career for 17 years.  I was able to take this skill with me via Jamaica to Canada, where I was very lucky to find a position with U.o.T., continuing with my work in bio medical photography.  This position created the base for the biggest and most creative project of my life: To raise my two wonderful sons.

With our department closing, I made a quick switch into the touring industry.  Again all my creativity and art in living, my interaction with people and my multilingual skills came into play and still are.  But my focus is shifting to develop my love of music, movement and people into a bundled development of creativity to be used in community service.  The migration project and the creative work with this team of fine women is a great gift and an on-going process.